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animation as graffiti as animation

May 27, 2008 by jjosh

Wow, check out Muto.

Found on vimeo, via waxy, done by blu.


  1. KT Granger says:

    Wow. That’s serious. I love how everything leaves a trail behind it–took me a minute to figure out that that’s all the movements that came before. Also, it’s really strange and totally freaked me out.

  2. jjosh says:

    I know, it’s so strange and dreamlike and great, isn’t it? What I’m still puzzling over is the camera-work…does the camera operator have to stand there and try to hold the camera still while the artist paints the next frame? What about the zooming in? Take a step forward while the artist paints? Any way you slice it, it’s wayyyyy labor intensive, but mind bendingly awesome.

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