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July 31, 2008 by jjosh

One sunny Autumn day a few Falls ago, I went out to the backyard of 1806 Lamont to work on Oscar Wild’s catwalk. Maxine filmed me doing it, she finally finished editing it, and it came out great…quality is high, so you might wanna let a bunch of it load before playing…

(if you start to play the vid and then press pause, the status bar will show it continuing to load…let a chunk load and then press play again…)


  1. KT Granger says:

    Particularly poignant considering Oscar’s current incarceration. PS You’re cat people.

  2. jjosh says:

    agreed re Oscar’s current situation, but I”m sure he’ll be free again in the future…there’s just no way to do it in a New York apartment…

    and sure, we’re cat people, but we sort of also filmed it cuz Maxine had a thought that it might be a good pitch for Animal Planet as a web series or something…we’ll see…

  3. Charlotte says:

    Josh, I think you need to become a presenter on a DIY programme, you’re a natural. Oh I do miss Oscar. Did he ever make it back up the tree?

  4. Odin Von Tyson says:

    shot of oscar looking back up the cat walk through the hole in the latice……whow, and the final shots of him jumping down tree and then up the fence……whow….well done, Max, Josh, and Oscar

  5. Odin Von Tyson says:


  6. matt smith says:

    oscar looks just like my old cat sox…is he a serial killer of rabbits?

  7. matt smith says:

    get max to send it too dan as its taking ages to download…

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