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time to get your PhD

May 19, 2008 by jjosh

I think this is the best mix I’ve done. Started in October, this is officially 2007’s mix, but you can dig it in 2008! It leans heavily on mashups and hiphop, because that’s where I think the most interesting and innovative music is happening these days…

Enjoy! Lemme know whatcha think…

(right-click or ctrl-click to download zip file of audio mp3s and cover art jpg)

Psychedelic Hiphop Dubplate

UPDATE – it has been suggested that I should point out that I made a lot of the mashups myself…enjoy!


  1. Odin Von Tyson says:

    Staggering Track 9 is Divine

  2. jjosh says:

    Odin von Tyson, welcome to the discussion. Great to have you here.

  3. KT Granger says:

    Did you do the art for this?

  4. jjosh says:

    No, although I wish I had. Jack also thought I might have done it. I think the art SEEMS really primitive and simple (i.e., like I could have done it), but it’s actually kind of idiosyncratic and subtle. Maybe.

    It’s from a great comic called Kramer’s Ergot, though I did mod it somewhat. In this sequence the main character has eaten some moldy bread and goes off on a weird trip-like trip with his couch.

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  6. award33 says:

    August 2nd- a random clip from youtube. I am quite sure the creator of this clip had no intention of making music. Shot from a camera phone with some ill distortion accidently makes a nice beat. made me think of this website. 33 seconds long too.

  7. jjosh says:

    @award33 wow, I love that clip, how in the heck did you come across that? may be deserving of its own post at some point…there’s something about the way the crowd noise keeps coming in and going out that sounds so great…should have someone rapping over it…

  8. award33 says:

    How did I come across that clip? hmmm, Miller High Life probably had something to do with it. Now I’m interested to see what you can do with the audio and or video.

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