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January 20, 2011 by jjosh

So maybe everyone has already found this, but in case some of you don't have it, here's the DjJG mix for 2010. It took a good 2 and a half years to make, 'cuz if you remember, the last DjJG mix was wayyyy back in the May of 2008. For this one I made almost all of the tracks myself, except for a couple of Arbiters tracks, 'cuz they're so good, and they just fit so perfectly on there. Moving forwards I think I'm going to post new tracks as I make them, because it takes a really long time (like 2.5 years) to get enough to make a full mix CD…watch this space for new trax…

and if you're on facebook, Gutter Rock has its own page!!! It can answer questions and chat with you…

Link is below, enjoy the mix…

DjJG – Gutter Rock

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