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the snow of truth

February 22, 2008 by jjosh

This morning it seems all of Brooklyn was feeling the powerful effects of the white powder…


  1. Globby says:

    OH MY GOD! I am a HUGE fan of the snow of truth video – wow. Fan-truth-tastic.

  2. zoom zooom says:

    You guys are too fucking adorable

  3. El Nieve de Verdad! This site ROCKS! I watched the lip dub video with my kids this morning. Never heard of lip dub, so cool!

  4. Dr. Kanner says:

    Ah, looks awesome. I love the snow of truth! In DC it’s just the Rain of Forgetfullness

  5. dan says:

    frontrunner for 2008 best documentary short. love it.

  6. oointgroov says:

    Truthfully, I love the Snow of Truth! It’s also the best time for stalking schweezil.

  7. jjosh says:

    ‘struth. beware the schweezil.

  8. Laird says:

    Wow, terrific! Don’t see much snow here in Georgia but we do get Rain of Dubiousness. It’s the truth!!!

  9. […] and said "it’s not a significant bullet." What a badass. I think Herzog would like The Snow Of Truth. […]

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