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December 31, 2008 by jjosh

I’ve checked in with a bunch of webcomics over the years, ever since the internet started saying that webcomics would be the new salvation for the comic book world. But none of them have ever held my attention for more than a few episodes (webisodes?). I liked Cat and Girl, and have already expressed my love of Wigu, but none of them have captivated me the way Dash Shaw’s "Bodyworld" has. Earlier in the Fall I read his "Bottomless Belly Button" and thought it was fun and ok (all the characters are drawn normally except for one who’s got a frog head). Maybe a bit too much in the comic-self-confessional genre for me.

But "Bodyworld" is fantastic. An oddball mix of z-movie alternate reality, semi-sci-fi teen drama with a little kung fu action film mixed in, "Bodyworld" has got something for everyone: weird hallucingenic drugs, strange semi-steamy love scenes, nunchuks, aliens. Super highly recommended…


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