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October 14, 2010 by jjosh

JH sent me this DC gogo track that was so good, and he called it out as head-nodding, which made me think of that Busta Rhymes track, so I did a quick mashup, added a deep beat (from that L-E-N Mixtape) and then spent 2 evenings making a video for it…

I think it feels good, nice for a Friday…


  1. odin's daddy says:

    nice for a monday…and tues, and wed, and thur, and sat, and sun….realest shit you've posted ever.  Essence…dig it

  2. jjg says:

    wow, realest ever, that's a pretty huge compliment, I'll take it!
    couple of lucky breaks — getting that AMAZING footage, all digital blocks and censor bars and low-rez goodness + hearing that deep bass beat at the end of a track like 2 minutes before I started working on the mashup…
    always nice when the planets line up…

  3. odin's daddy says:

    yes, indeed, planet alignment is something I wish Midas offered instead of just wheel alignment.
    I was actually hoping for hi-rez goodness with the one dancer….goodness

  4. jjosh says:

    goodness indeed, porn AND parties. great combo.

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