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you gotta find your inner pirate

November 9, 2009 by jjosh

Hey, it’s TV season in the Grump household…so let’s take a quick survey of what we’re watching:

– Bored To Death – getting better and better…Ted Danson is amazing, Zack Galifanikis hasn’t worn out his welcome yet (surprising!), the writing is crisp and funny, and it’s a hoot seeing a show determined to show you what Brooklyn is like…

– Mad Men – not a bad season, the one with the mower was stunning…I did recall the other day though, that season 1 had a mind-blower at the end of EVERY EPISODE, and it’s tough to hold up to that kind of standard…still, as someone said the other day, "I like the slow burn"

– 30 Rock – still funny, but the episodes seem to be getting less and less memorable…everyone still seems to be on top form (Baldwin, Tracey Morgan, Tina Fey), maybe they’re burning out a little? still funny though…

– Grey’s Anatomy – hot diggity this show is kicking out the jams…MT and I theorize that since they’ve been able to get rid of Blonde Heigel everyone’s been rejuvenized…apart from 2 weeks ago’s narrative excercise with the Rashomon-like shifting perspectives (blah) this show has been well solid…also probably helped by the fact that they’ve minimized the Ellen Pompeo since she’s pregnant…

– Friday Night Lights – I remember Luke telling me to watch this show years ago, then KG made a case for it so we gave it a shot and have been hooked hooked hooked…so solid, even with multiple misfired over the past seasons (Landry/Tyra murder thing, Tim/Lyla on again off again)…just finished watching the second episode of this season and it was really really good…they’ve done a really stellar job of tearing Coach Taylor down and having him start again…plus in the middle of the show they had this great scene…out of nowhere::

You might be the luckiest man in the world and not even know it.

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