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June 2, 2008 by jjosh

June’s banner photo is from a few weeks ago when Maxine and I spent a day and a half at NC’s Outer Banks…we first came across the buoy at night and it was really scary, looking like a spaceship washed up on the shore. Apparently it washed up a few months prior when NC had some serious storm waves.

We ran into people later who told us that it costs a million dollars to haul a buoy back out to sea when it beaches like that. And that if the serial number can be read, then they can tell which agency is responsible for it (coast guard, etc.); if the serial number is unreadable (quite likely) then nobody takes responsibility and they just leave the darn thing on the shore! It was massive and striking on the beach.


  1. marc b. says:

    Wow. That is massive and striking. And it looks like you just photoshopped yourself onto the buoy! Or like you placed the cake-topper version of you on the buoy then took a photograph.

  2. jjosh says:

    no photoshopping, I swear…and I think a jjosh cake-topper would sell like hotcakes…that buoy was so huge there was something chilling about it…coming across it like that on the sand, you just felt that something was very wrong about the whole scene, like this should not be here…

    also we had to take many versions of the photo to get the right one, but Maxine nailed it with this one…

  3. Fevang says:

    wow…what a big boy you are now! I’m impressed that you can sit on something so large and hard and NOT be grimmacing!

  4. jjosh says:

    welcome, M Fevang! and there goes that family friendly blog award I was gunning for…next thing I know you’ll be suggesting some kind of Fevangbang…

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