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May 31, 2008 by jjosh

In 2004 when I went to the Small Press Expo (SPX) in Bethesda, MD I did a couple of things. I met Carla Speed McNeil, met another guy named Thor (my alter ego, I’ll tell you all about it later), and had a great conversation with Jeff Rowland who is the writer/artist of Wigu. I had so much fun talking to him that I bought one of his books, thoroughly enjoyed it, and now follow Wigu online. He recently started a new storyline, and I heartily recommend it…it starts here

This description from Wikipedia is too good not to share:

The comic is centered on the adventures of a little boy named Wigu Tinkle and his family. Each chapter of the comic represents one day in Wigu’s life. Wigu is an intelligent child with an active imagination who uses much of his free time to watch television and play video games, where he encounters the beings of Butter Dimension³, primarily the intergalactic heroes Topato (a flying potato whose catch phrase is "Spring into action!" and whose primary defense mechanism consists of being made entirely of poison) and Sheriff Pony (an eloquent Space Pony who, as the storyline reveals, excretes vanilla ice cream instead of fecal waste).

Wigu has a teenage sister, Paisley, who is the stereotypical goth girl, though insists her being a nihilist is entirely different. She actively seeks out depression and angst. Wigu’s father Quincy makes money by composing music for porno movies. He is also a bodybuilder and tends to walk around without a shirt, which sometimes gets him into trouble.

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