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April 29, 2008 by jjosh

I should mention that this month’s banner photo is from Maxine’s friend Charlotte who was staying with us in February (apologies for my photoshop fakery, Charlotte!). She posts on flikr as madeinsheffield and she’s got some really good stuff there — apparently she won some photo competition that got one of her photos on the front page of The Guardian or something? And has some photos in galleries as well. We went to Coney Island for a winter visit and all 3 of us took pictures — it was such a great scene there on the vacant beach…

I took photos using this Holga camera (pictured above in a madeinsheffield shot) that Laird M gave me years and years ago; the camera is purposefully broken, so it has light leaks and double exposures and so on, which should hopefully result in interesting photos. Now I just have to find somewhere that develops the Holga film…I’ll post the photos once I get them…

madeinsheffield’s New York set here.

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