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July 28, 2008 by jjosh

Saw Spiritualized at Terminal 5 last night with my sister, and every song was a different shade of epic, ranging from epic huge guitar slow burn song to epic big spiritual rock to epic over-the-top guitar freakout. They played a ton of new stuff, but luckily the new stuff sounded great, and I’m stoked to pick up the new album Songs in A&E…

Reminded me of this amazing video they did for "Do It All Over Again" off Let It Come Down…I couldn’t find hi-rez, but hopefully this is good enough that you get a sense of how cool it is…

Apparently there’s no green-screen involved, it’s all Jason Pierce really doing it…

I hunted down the set list from last night’s show, and then cross-reffed the songs, because I was curious what albums they all came from…looks like they did play a bunch of old stuff (including some Spacemen 3 tracks!), but a lot of new, and a lot from Amazing Grace, which somehow I don’t have (how did I miss it?). We did miss the first 4 songs which is too bad, ‘cuz I’d have liked to hear "Electricity" especially…and looks like only the encore came from Let It Come Down. Set list looks like this:

you lie you cheat
 – AE

shine a light
 – LazerGuidedMelodies

 – AmazingGrace

  – Ladies&Gentlemen

soul on fire
 – AE

sweet talk
 – AE

sitting on fire
 – AE

walking with jesus – Spacemen 3

oh baby
 – AmazingGrace

rated x
 – AmazingGrace

lay back in the sun
 – PurePhase

death take your fiddle – AE

she kissed me
 – AmazingGrace

come together
 – Ladies&Gentlemen

take me to the other side – Spacemen 3

lord can you hear me – LetItComeDown


  1. dan says:

    i was there too! the dirtbombs were great as well.

  2. jjosh says:

    Damn, we gotta coordinate our shiz when it comes to these shows…I kind of would’ve liked to see Dirtbombs (I think you gave me a song on a mix?), but we having too nice of a dinner to sweat making it to the show on time…I loved their shirt with Morrissey on it…

    It was weird getting to the show late, but I thought these guys were rock stars! what kind of rock stars go on at 9?

  3. dan says:

    not their fault if the venue caters to 35-year-olds like me who want to be home by midnight!

    the dirtbombs shirt might be my favorite band shirt ever made. it is so random. i love it. should have bought it.

  4. Gamera says:

    I’m going to see Wilco in two weeks and Andrew Bird opens at 6:30. Instead of coming in late the next day due to a rock show I have to leave work early just to get there in time. Has the world gone topsy-turvy?

  5. jjosh says:

    this is what it sounds like…when the doves cry.

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