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man, relax

September 17, 2010 by jjosh

true story…(thanks KT G!)


  1. odin's daddy says:

    solid, herzog, beast……any pics from that storm last night?

  2. KT Granger says:

    As Susan Biancani (my source on this) says: "I guess after Klaus Kinski, Joaquin Phoenix is pretty much a big yawn."  Hats off Miz B–may we all learn to procrastinate in ways that entertain our friends and benefit society!

  3. jjosh says:

    Yeah, plus don’t forget that interview where Herzog is shot by a pellet gun and just continues the interview. He says something like “it is not a significant wound” or something. Amazing. And no pics JG, I dunno it didn’t seem like that big of a deal where we were…crazy hail, sure but it didn’t feel like tornado time…

  4. award33 says:

    This confirms my suspicion that Herzog is actually Jesus. 

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