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Bon Voyage

August 11, 2010 by jjosh

It's been a great car. It moved us to New York, even though we smashed a window on the day we were driving up. It took us on an epic East Coast tour down into the South, through NC and to Savannah and back. It's been to Vermont, CT, NH, a bunch of times. Driven us to shoots in Brooklyn, Central Park, scouting runs to NJ. Been super reliable. In fact, this may be the first car I've had that didn't break down at some point and leave me stranded on the side of the road! Huge.
It seems a bit of a shame to say good-bye. There are some computer errors in the engine, and the throttle body needs to be replaced and some other things, and it looks like it would cost about $3000 (!!!) to fix (got a second opinion and they agreed). Plus, it feels like we live in one of the few cities in the world where we actually don't need a car.
So today we say good-bye. We're donating it and the tow truck is here now to take it away. I will miss the flexibility of having a car, the ease of getting a ton of groceries, the simplicity of driving my amp over to someone's house. I will not miss having to re-park once or twice a week for the street cleaning. I will not miss having to remember where the heck I parked it this time. I will not miss paying car insurance. I will not miss paying for parking tickets.
Good luck car, we'll see you around.


  1. MaxT says:

    and we won't be reliant on gas….just rubber for our shoes!

  2. KT Granger says:

    Oh man, remember when the Jetta was the new car?  And now it's off to have its own adventure–they grow up so fast.  Bon Voyage Jetta!

  3. jjosh says:

    tis true, too true…bon voyage indeed!

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