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Muppet Wicker Man

March 19, 2010 by jjosh

It feels good to have been gone from the blog for a while, and then to come back and find things like this waiting for me on the internet….

Sometimes in the course of surfing the web, one comes across an achievement of cultural mash-uppery so epic that it defies all we know to be true. Where do people find the time? Why do they feel the need? How did they acquire the skills to make this happen? What does it say about our world?

It is within this context that I give you Paul O'Connel's re-telling of the Wicker Man as an Italian fumetti-style comic with Muppets. Take some time and read the whole thing. It's not that long, and the rewards are great.


This is via ATDDTF, who got it from Robot 6, who got it from Tom Sp.

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