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February 20, 2010 by jjosh

this banner was from when Maxine surprised me on my birthday last Fall and took us to see this unbelievable art installation in Beacon, NY called Big Bambu. it was installed in an ENORMOUS old foundry, and consisted of hundreds upon hundreds of bamboo sticks lashed together to form this huge structure. also, you could go up inside it and climb around on it. it was amazing!

and to take it even further, the artists had people climbing up the outside of it constantly untying some of the bamboo poles and moving them down the structure and attaching them at the other end. So it was constantly moving. Sometimes you'd go to climb on a bit, and a pole near you would suddenly, slowly, move.

It's one of the most impressive, conceptual, and amazingly well executed pieces of art I've ever seen.

here's a pic to give you a sense of the hugeness of the whole thing…I've put a label in there so you can tell where I am to give you a sense of the scale…I'm kind of sitting on the edge…

go to the artists' web site about it, they've got videos and all sorts of interesting stuff there…whatta birthday that was…

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