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October 21, 2009 by jjosh

Beautifully shot, and a good good vibe…damn them for making me post their commercial to my blog…

sidebar: I remember at some point working at BBCA and learning AVID editing, and you know how on macs you use apple-z to undo whatever you last did? Somehow Roscoe had the great inspiration to rap to the cadence of "Good Day" but instead of "I didn’t even have to use my AK" (one of the track’s best lines) he changed it to "didn’t even have to use my apple zay"; genius, and a line I still say to myself even now when things are going well editing-wise…


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  1. oointgroov says:

    Holy crap I still do that too! Someone will drop the phrase ‘Good Day’ into conversation and my internal monologue automatically snaps to and slyly sez, “Didn’t even have to use my Apple-Zay”. Classic.

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