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the player-piano-ularity is near

October 9, 2009 by jjosh

Are you ready for Friday?!?!?!?!

If you read some futurists, they have this theory about how fast the speed of technology progression is moving, and it looks like a graph that starts slow and then suddenly goes almost straight up. The moment where it moves from being a sloped line to going straight up is referred to as the Singularity. Once we hit that, technology will progress so fast it will seem almost instantaneous. All kinds of cool stuff to look forward to when that happens: downloading our brains into computers, sending our consciousness across the universe, etc. Some say it might happen in as little as 50 years.

Or so the theory goes.

I will say though, sometimes I feel like I’m seeing so many mind-blowers on various blogs that we must be getting close to that moment. Case in point:

[This was emailed to me from PatH, and I dunno where he got it from…]

And, far be it for me to pile it on, but I just saw this and somehow it seems to fit with the last vid and musings on the future. Our man Carl Sagan, auto-tuned to sing a fantastic and future-minded song about, what else, the Cosmos. When I watch these auto-tuned pieces, I’m always wondering how much work it took to make…

[via kottke]


  1. KT Granger says:

    You know, I’ve baked an apple pie from scratch without inventing the whole universe, so take THAT Carl Sagan.

  2. jjosh says:

    I think Sagan would say “wrong!”

  3. odin's daddy says:

    Could be the greatest day of blogging ever…what a friday!!!!

  4. crispin says:

    wow! that sagan shit is mindblowing. it makes me want to vomit, cry and explode with joy all at once.

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