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the minimum of the soda

July 10, 2009 by jjosh

Hey, did you guys know that one of my sister’s closest friends used to be the Celebrity Assistant for Al Franken? It’s true! One time my sister called me up and said "Guess what I’m doing?" and I’m all like "How the hell would I know?" and she goes "Well…I’m eating Al Franken’s ice cream!"

Which made me go "Wha?!"

It seems that Al was going on some kind of diet and had to get rid of all the ice cream he had in the house. He invited his assistant to eat it, and she, not being able to handle the quantity, called upon my sister to help. Crazy. KT, you correct me if I got that wrong. But I should say that if it is wrong, I’m still going to tell the story like that, ‘cuz it has a nice vibe to it…

I also remember reading a biography about Saturday Night Live and there was one great story about Al & his writing partner trying to come up with a sketch and taking LSD…both of them began imitating Nixon, making "V" signs and pretending they had tremendous jowls, and harrumphing. They did it all night long, two weird Nixons. What a weird image.

Plus don’t even get me (or Al) started on how much coke he’s reported to have done.

And now he’s Mr. Senator. And apparently he’s going to play it straight, but we’ll always know him as the ice-cream loving LSD-Nixon cokehead. And if we ever forget that that’s who he used to be, why we can just go to the videotape…



  1. KT Granger says:

    True story, and Al Franken’s ice cream was the sweetest ice cream I ever had! Plus, my friend said that 98% of her job was just answering the question, “Hey Liz, is this funny?” I hope he’s got someone good to answer that question now that he’s in the Senate–those senators could use a crack up now and then…and maybe a little LSD Nixon time…

  2. KT Granger says:

    PS Al Franken + hot pants = YES

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