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million dollar idea

June 11, 2009 by jjosh

Hey, remember in the early 90’s when they switched the way they measured top 40? They introduced Soundscan, which actually measured the number of CD’s being sold. The way they used to measure top 40 was a bunk method of radio play and the number of records ordered by stores, etc. So when we felt like top 40 was being foisted on us, it actually really was!

Anyway, once Soundscan went into effect, the numbers turned on their heads, and we got a much better idea of what people were actually buying. It was at this time that country and hip-hop exploded in popularity. Because that’s what people were actually buying, and then when the rest of the country saw that stuff in top 40, they went to go get it too. Pop basically expanded (or was replaced) to include country and hip hop.

So how come there’s no American Idol for hip hop? You know there are a million young rappers and DJs out there, wouldn’t it be a monster hit? Why the focus on saccharine pop? Obviously, you’d have to make it a grittier format, lose the shiny sheen, but I think it would be huge.

This idea is so massiv that I’m pretty sure it’s already being pitched and in production somewhere. Million dollar idea.


  1. KT Granger says:

    It’s not a million dollar idea if you give it away for free!

  2. odin's daddy says:

    Amen KT!! Plus how many times have people sat around saying its such a great idea somebody must be doing it already

    Thomas Edison used to always say that

    Go for it man!

  3. Tracy says:

    can i be a judge on your show.

  4. jjosh says:

    yes! you can be the paula abdul!!!

  5. Tracy says:

    straight up.

  6. Jonas Brother says:

    MTV did have a reality show “Making The Band” for a while, which was somewhat like the hip hop version of American Idol.

  7. odin's daddy says:

    Hey, remember in the early 90’s when this used to a blog?

    Feed Us

  8. jjosh says:

    are you kidding? you put this comment here instead of commenting about that unbelievable story about the bird helping the people get honey?! you crazy?

    also my Nat Geo job just finished last Mon, BBCA finished today, hopefully Sundance will finish Monday and we’re off for a shoot on Tuesday. So things is busy.

  9. jjosh says:

    @ Tracy, I just now got your joke.

    @ Jonas Brother, wasn’t that more like a boy band version? I’m talking real hip hop here.

  10. Farro Tongu says:

    Odin’s Daddy can be a real dick.

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